A financial interlude

Basic finance skills are an area that is all but uncovered in the educational system of America. Fortunately, there are a number of fellow bloggers out there ready and willing to take on the task of educating the masses to the importance of personal finance. Presented below are a few that I find particularly inspiring.

Get rich slowly – JD’s relentless grind through everything financial has impressed many throughout the finance bloggers community. One of the first finance blogs I started to read, I have learned a great deal from all JD has to say.

The simple dollar – Trent’s methodical posting schedule has given me something wonderful to read multiple times per day. With an eye on both finances and personal productivity, and tons of great book reviews, his site is another great resource.

Five cent nickel – Nickel’s site provides another vantage point from which to look at money. As someone slightly older and wiser, I know that much of what he writes will be important to me not just now, but in the future.

So go check them out, see what they have to say, and learn a little.

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